The word ‘Bhaishajya’ pertains to medicines and Maha Yagam denotes a great ritual. Unlike other Yagas, in Bhaishajya Maha Yagam, we use very rare and powerful medicinal herbs for oblation, which is the outstanding peculiarity of this event. The intention of the Yaga is to cleanse mother nature, the individuals and all beings on earth. There exists a big science behind it which is part of the ancient heritage of India and the great vision of the Seers of India. ‘Ayurveda’ the Indian Medical Branch, is their contribution in which they used medicinal herbs abundantly to cure diseases. The word ‘Ayu’ refers to life-span and ‘Veda’ is knowledge. Therefore, ‘Ayurveda’ means knowledge about your life-span.

The ancient Seers were using the same technology in Bhaishajya Maha Yagam. If herbs can cure man, it can cure nature too. Therefore, using medicinal herbs in Yaga, they were treating mother nature to cure her diseases of contaminations. Contaminations are the diseases of nature. Man polluted nature through erratic and unscrupulous living. Man is the only being which pollutes nature. No other being on earth is capable of doing so except man. Medicines are used against illness and therefore, here we are using medicinal herbs to cure the illness of existence. That is the basic science of Bhaishajya Maha Yaagam. Another question could be as to why have we adopted oblation into the fire? There is a reason. For example, if you give red chilly to one person, only he is affected by eating it. If you put that one red chilly into the fire, suddenly within split seconds the entire mob could be affected. This is because fire absorbs the essence of the chilly and immediately pass it on to the air, which spreads it in the entire locality within no time. Anything penetrates into atmosphere through air, it can easily get into eternity. The effect may get subtler, but then it moves faster and faster. When medicinal herbs are put into huge fire, its tremendous effect will surely reach the entire globe.


Therefore, Bhaishajya MahaYaga is a global Yaga. It is not just a local affair. The atmosphere gets cleansed first. As a result all the beings under the sun will also be cleansed automatically. It will positively affect the physiology, psychology, biology and spiritual wellness of man. The magnanimity of the Bhaishajya Maha Yagam is thus immeasurable.

When nature and man together enjoy wellness, not only psycho-physical-spiritual levels, but also at social, planetary, material, educational, cultural, global and governance levels also, you will find improvements. For that a series of Bhaishajya Maha Yagams to be conducted all over the world like a chain. Then slowly nature will catch up the impact of it. We are now conducting the 4th Yaga in this series.

Bhaishajya Maha Yagam organized by Shakthiveda Wellness Mission, a Registered Charitable Trust, is beyond religion. The doors are open to all religions. This is a glorious step from our side to bring in religious harmony among people. The platform is set here for total unity and love which is the desperate need of the day.

The Yaga is performed continuously for 81 hours, over the span of 3 nights and 4 days. The thrust of the Yaga is on 81 focal issues of social, national and international importance. Each hour is devoted to a particular issue and simultaneous to the incessant oblations on the one hand, the Yajnacharyan will go on cleansing relevant negative aspects through his intense Power of Intention which is transcendental in nature. Actually through this Yaga, Shakthiveda Wellness Mission is fulfilling a great social service too.

The specialty of the Yaga Kunda (fire pit) is that it is exceptionally large. The dimensions are 27 feet length and 18 feet width in an elliptical shape. The Yaga Kunda represents mother earth, which is the sankalpa.

The Yaga fire was originally lit by the Yajnacharyan on the 10th day of May 2012 at 06.00 a.m. during the 1st Yaga at Kochi, Kerala. The Divine Flame was preserved and carried over after every Yaga to the next one. The Divine Flame Vaishwanara Energy” increasingly gains more empowerment after each Yaga. This particular feature of Shakthiveda Bhaishajya Maha Yaga is found only in this context. A separate Agni Stambha will come up at Sarveswara Dhama at Bommandahalli, Bangalore exclusively to maintain and worship the Eternal Fire for the generations to come.

Mahayaga is an opportunity for the common man to witness a rare and once in a lifetime mega ceremony. Devotees can alleviate their spiritual Doshas through simple rituals. Scientists and environmentalists are allowed to conduct research on energy radiation, ecology or any other subject of their individual interest.

Is There A Solution?

Spirituality is the only solution. Rishidevian knowledge, shaktiveda is a pragmatic spiritual approach that help people to diagnose the cause of the sufferings and also provide solutions to it.

Who Need Us?

We are here to help every human being and the nature. Shakthiveda is the knowledge revealed to Rishidev ji in the meditative state of mind. It is the knowledge which exists beyond our senses. The energies in the spiritual dimension affects our everyday life. This knowledge is for the spiritual seekers who desire to communicate with the divine and get spiritually empowered. All the spiritual programmes in the mission is based on the chanting of mantras, meditation and the fire-rituals.

How Are You Benefitted By Us?

Our main aim is to help people to improve the quality of life. We conduct spiritual research, teach shaktiveda, a divine and pragmatic spiritual knowledge to the people. Help the seekers to experience the spiritual dimension. And also spiritually empower the interested seekers who love to continue their spiritual journey with us.


Bhaishajya Mahayagam Focal Issues

81 focal issues of Bhaishajya Mahayagam are given below

Hourly module Focal Theme
1 Adulteration
2 Alcoholism
3 Anger, Wrath, Jealousy, Greed, Gluttony, Sloth, Pride, Hypocrisy
4 Arms race
5 Atheism
6 Atrocities on women
7 Bribery
8 Beggary
9 Blockages in Life
10 Breach of Promise
11 Business Failure
12 Child Abuse
13 Cleansing the Environment
14 Communal Disharmony
15 Contamination of Panchabhoothas
16 Corruption in General
17 Cheating, lying and treachery
18 Culpable homicide
19 Discrimination against women
20 Destruction of Evil Symbols
21 Divorce
22 Diseases
23 Ecological imbalance
24 Enmity between various religions
25 Excessive Sexual desire in children
26 Fatal Accidents
27 Geocide (Killing of soil using synthetic and chemical fertilizers)
28 Global economic crisis
29 Global unrest
30 Hunger
31 Ignorance about the subtle aspects of physical body and life
32 Injustice
33 Juvenile delinquency
34 Interstate disputes
35 Lack of confidence
36 Low agricultural productivity
37 Lethargy
38 Malpractices in worship, superstitions and pseudo spirituality
39 Manias
40 Mental derangement and suicide
41 Misappropriation of resources
42 Misfortune
43 Misuse of science and technology
44 Misuse of mass media, art and literature
45 Misuse of time and money
46 Money lending
47 Natural calamities
48 Negativities in Currency
49 Overpopulation
50 Panchabhootha related Diseases
51 Phobias
52 Political Opportunism
53 Political and Economic Corruption
54 Famine and premature death
55 Price rise of gold and essential goods
56 Spiritual healing problems
57 Racism and casteism
58 Rape, Sexual offenses and perversions
59 Religious Fanaticism
60 Removing blockages for developing outstanding citizens of building up a great nation
61 Robbing of public treasury
62 Social and family break down
63 Spiritual (Theosoulistic) distortions
64 Satanic worship and witchcraft
65 Sorcery
66 Street children
67 Stress and tension
68 Terrorism
69 Threat from neighbouring countries
70 Torturing others
71 Theft and robbery
72 Transplantation of human organs without the knowledge of the victim
73 Unemployment
74 Unethical medical practices
75 Unethical energy in places of worship
76 Unethical political practices
77 Violation of human rights
78 Violation of law of nature
79 Water pollution
80 War
81 Zero tolerance