Shakthiveda Wellness Mission

Shaktiveda is the most logical and satisfactory system of philosophy of existence. It has been evolved out of the intuitive power of Rishidev Sri Narendran. The philosophy of Shaktiveda is “Energy rules the world” and lays stress on energy and its various forms. Rishidev, being a pioneer in energy healing, formulated many spiritual wellness programs based on chanting of mantras, meditation and the fire-rituals. This philosophy is being utilized by Shaktiveda Wellness Mission to study and conduct exhaustive research on the nature and role of energy, various energy patterns among individuals, studying the deviations, analysis and assisting the individuals to regulate their life style for enhanced personal and social lives. This philosophy is also used for spiritual empowerment of individuals.


We exist to connect to your inner self and to protect nature. Also to make a lasting difference in your life, in our community and in the world through Shaktiveda – the pragmatic spiritual knowledge


Our Mission

  • To sustain and expand Shaktiveda the pragmatic spiritual knowledge for the well-being of the whole world and nature.

  • To sustain and expand a content-rich Shaktiveda website that creates, compiles, and curates the Shaktiveda Wisdom archive;

  • To demonstrate Shaktiveda spiritual literacy, the ability to recognize the spiritual dimensions of life written in the texts of our experiences;

  • To provide authenticated and thoroughly researched and sourced resources for Shaktiveda spiritual journeys;

  • To offer a positive and spiritually progressive perspective on contemporary media, particularly books and films;

  • To encourage everyday Shaktiveda spiritual practice as an integral part of individual and community life;

  • To promote the use of Shaktiveda spiritual practices to enhance the quality of life for individuals in general and also during times of challenge and transition;

  • To demonstrate how Shaktiveda spiritual practices can be used to support justice, positive social change, and activism on behalf of the common good;

  • To facilitate new groups of Shaktiveda spiritual communities and conversations using the technology and worldwide reach of the Internet;

  • To develop new lifelong learning opportunities around Shaktiveda spiritual practices, character qualities, and civic virtues, including e-courses, online retreats, and practice circles;

  • To develop various Shaktiveda learning and meditation centres throughout the world.

  • To establish Shaktiveda group of educational institutions to promote and develop value based education which helps in creating servant leaders based on Spiritual values to sustain and protect the Dharma in the world.

  • To start 200 bed Shaktiveda Super Speciality Wholistic Hospital to serve the humanity

  • To start Shaktiveda Rehabilitation centre for the animals

  • To start Shaktiveda Annaprasada Kshetra to feed all the humans and the animals

  • To create Shaktiveda Monks to help the society in large

  • To start Shaktiveda Institute of Self – Realization for universal well-being

  • To encourage women and empower them through shaktiveda knowledge which helps in the overall development for the happy and prosperous life.


Shakti is energy and veda is knowledge. It is the knowledge about energy

Birth Of Pragmatic Knowledge Shaktiveda

Firstly, Sage Agastya Maharshi embodied Rishidev ji almost for a year. Then followed by Lord Shiva. He gave discipleship to Rishidev ji and Devi Parvati initiated me for discipleship. Day by day, all the godly energies manifested in their energy form. They introduced themselves. We were checking their vibrations through various energy detecting instruments, such as pendulum, Universal Scanner, PEP, Video Aura Station, Kirlian Photography and the latest bio-well