Transformation Of Consciousness

All human beings are endowed with the provision for receiving and storing infinite energy , the Supreme consciousness , that is the source of life itself, and which we call by different names, both religious and secular. Human energy is stored , contaminated or hidden in the auric field of every one. The energy of the soul if properly balanced and enhanced can forge cosmic connection to the supreme reality and ultimately to be one with the same.

A transformation of consciousness of the sort is possible only through soul reformation that can remould the mindset of man so as to inspire empathy, humaneness and universal fraternity and generate solutions that satisfy both our deep spiritual longings and our practical needs .

All human beings are blessed with the power of discretion in word, thought and deed which they shall choose aptly as submission to the Supreme Creator. This attitude can enhance the innate capacity for wisdom, kindness, love and other universal virtues.

We, the intelligent creations of the Supreme Creator Sarveswara join together as Universal Spiritual Citizens casting off the evils of egoism and self centeredness and adhering to God centeredness for a peaceful, tranquil, healthy, peaceful and prosperous society. Sarveswara Dhama is the confluence of cosmic powers enabling total transformation for all.


The Temple Of Wellness And Self Realization

Rishidev Narendranji felt it is better if people had a proper place to pray, proper guidance to perform rituals and to undergo training, so as per the direct instructions from Sarveswara, a temple of project was conceived and the temple complex, the cosmic power house- ‘The first Sarveswara Dhama’ came into existence at Bommandahalli, (near Jigani), Banglore, Karnataka, India. This temple complex set in a wellness village is a unique project in the entire world, first of its kind, contemplated as the main centre among 81 power houses (Sarveswara Dhamas). Eventually 80 more similar power houses will be built across the globe to empower the people spiritually as per the desire of Sarveswara.

At the center of the wellness village is the Sarveswara Dhama- the Spiritual Power House, a tem[le Complex consisting of Nine Temples It is the Universal Temple of Healing supercharged with Supra Cosmic radiance. A refuge from the world for all seekers, regardless of religious belief or affiliation. The physical setting, the facilities, and the ambiance of the village, all support activities that refresh, restore, and heal the whole person — body, mind, and spirit.

Features And Uniqueness

Sarveswara Dhama is envisaged as the unique divine centre enabling to undergo six stage transformation process by every seeker from outer worship (sagunopasana) to the ultimate state of Godliness ( Easwareeyata) through other midways viz.nirgunopasana, nirgunatheethopasana, jivalayanopasana and Shakthi layanopasana. Satguru Dhama where the cosmic principle is established in concretion carries forth the truth- seekers through all these stages in a time frame depending on love, dedication, devotion, truthfulness, righteousness, Surrenderness and other virtues.

The unique features of Sarveswara Dhama are pertaining to the worshipping procedures. The temple will have a rare and scientific worshipping procedure. There is no mediator for performing pooja. Homas are also done by self. No formal rituals like offering flowers, decorating with garlands, burning incense sticks, doing camphor arathi, burning ghee lamp, using animal products etc. are performed.


Sarveswara Dhama has been thought of with every aspect in mind. It has the following salient features:

Temple complex with separate departments.

  • Department of spiritual diagnosis- here each wellness seeker will be directed to appropriate deity or cosmic energy concentration.

  • Permanent yagakunda for Shakthiveda Bhaishajya Maha Yagam. Here, sacrificial fire ceremonies will be conducted for all irrespective of caste, creed , sex or nationality This will have interface of spiritual informatics including personalized facilities for online participation and interaction by overseas seekers.

  • Department of removal of doshas such as karma dosha and unhealthy energies.

  • Department of Homas – homas are all modified and updated scientifically with various benefits. The homas are meant for removing blockages to the seekers in every aspect and to create space for filling one’s field with cosmic energy..

  • Training centre for rituals.

  • Department of bioenergy enhancement.

  • Department of Karmicology: One very special service offered here is removal of Karma dosha which can be and is done by Rishidev Narendranji. (Removal of Karma dosha which is one of the pre requisites for spiritual elevation to become eligible for moksha or merging while living itself.)


Cosmic Vasthushastra /Architecture

World’s First Shrine Structure With Golden Ratio

The design of SARVESWARA DHAMA, incorporates the gross to subtle by following the principle of the Vasthu Shastra and more precisely the COSMIC VASTHSHASTHRA to the finest detail while keeping the contemporary requirements in mind. At the construction level, the materials employed are natural, while sustainable techniques of construction have been adopted to further enhance the subtle energies that have been established in the given site. The permanent presence of all Supra cosmic and cosmic energies have been found shifted to the site of the Temple Complex of universal wellness which evinces the perfection of cosmic vasthu shashtra followed meticulously from conceptualization to completetion.

The architecture of Sarveswara Dhama also has unique features. Based on the fact that the human body, the man’s house, the temple and the universe are analogous shrines for their indwelling spirits, no fundamental distinction is made between the house of Gods or the house of human beings whether they are huts or palaces. Also the principles of Vaastu Shastra have been used under the guidance of the divine grace. The construction materials and methods adopted are environment friendly without usage of bricks.

The architectural principle is received from divine source. The whole structure is based on Satguru hastha which equates with Meru, the cosmic architectural geometry through which the highest level of universal vibrations will transmit throughout the cosmos.

At the design level, the entire site and temples have been set to the scale and proportion of the founder of Sakthiveda Wellness Mission, Poojaneeya Sri Rishidevji Sri Narendranji. Using the ‘Hasta’ ( divine hand) of the Pujaya Sri Rishidevji as the basic unit of scale, the entire Dhama has been planned. The Vasthu Purusha Mandala has been derived based on the proportions frequency of the Pujaya Sri Rishidevji and each of the nine Marma points thus located have been energized using grains and energizers. This process facilitates a direct link with the cosmic energies, thereby generating high cosmic energies at the Dhama as the Cosmic Plan for 28800 years of Sathya Yuga.