Shakthiveda Bhaishajya Sarpa Maha Yagam Lives!

35th Bhaishajya Mahayagam will be conducted from November 24th to 27th in Sarveshwaradhama, Bommandahalli, Jigani.

Various Seva's that will be conducted are :
  • Deepa Seva 300
    (Per Deepa)
  • Agni Seva 120  
  • Abhista Siddhi 300  
  • Remove Blockages for Prosperity 600  
  • Cleansing of Sub Conscious Mind 1800
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  • Dhanawantri Seva for Individual 1800
  • Sarpa Shanti for Individual 3000  
  • Navagraha Seva 4500
    (Per Graha) 
  • Sarpa Dosha Nivarana 9000 
  • Dhanawantri Seva for Family 12000
  • Pay now
  • Herb Submission 12000
  • Ancestor Dosham 21000  
  • Ancestor Shapam 27000  
  • Kutumba Aishwarya Seva 27000  
  • Kala Sarpa Dosham 32500
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  • Sarpa Shanthi for Family 36000
  • Karma Dosha Nivarana 64500  
  • Thirteen Generation Liberation 64500  
  • Nagashapa Nivarana 120000  
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Account Name:Shakthiveda Wellness Mission

Account No: 914994380

IFSC Code:IDIB000B181

Indian Bank Bannerghatta Road

Please remit Seva Amount to the Bank Account & WhatsApp the Screenshot to +91 8660517237

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Om Sadhgurave Namaha




Summary on Seva Benefits

Deepa seva - is very special during Sarpa Mahayagam that cleanses the DNA at deeper level and helps in removing the blockages for raising your consciousness

Agni Seva - Every yagam there is an offering called Agni seva. This is an act of showing gratitude to the presiding Agni devata for tirelessly working for the success of Mahayagam . In return based on your Bhakti certain cleansing will take place in your energy field

Abhista Siddhi - Every deity has unique power of blessing the devotee. Each Mahayagam is unique. The presiding main deity of Sarpa Mahayagam is Sadhguru. So he will remove the blockages of your wishes to manifest.

Prosperity blockages- In reality, our own thoughts are getting manifested. Most of the time we feed our DNA with negative thoughts, words and environment which blocks the fullest potential of your creativity as your DNA are highly sensitive to electromagnetic signals . During Mahayagam the usage of purest special herbs , power of intention of Rishidev and the holy environment of Sarveshwaradhama- the epitome of spirituality- will raise your vibrations. When you vibrate in the higher frequencies , your blockages of prospecting is cleansed which helps in enhancing your creativity. Only creativity brings prosperity.

Cleansing of subconscious mind

You are the creator of your destiny. Your attitude decides your life and happenings. You have filled your subconscious mind with your own samskaras. That may be positive or negative. Most of the time 95% if it will be negative by nature. Therefore you observe same old patterns repeating in different environments. During Mahayagam, because of the highest vibrations around , the mind becomes calm, and there are more chances of changing the preset negative vibrations that are in subconscious mind . This inturn free-up more space in your subconscious mind which will help to record new programs again in your life.

Dhanwantri Seva - is for health and the related sevas are self explanatory.

Sarpa Shanti - is to block the harmful vibrations that are causing bad effects to you .

The root cause for this is due to the massive accumulation of karma doshas since generations

Sarpa dosha nivarana - This procedure completely removes the blockages causing bad effects in all dimensions of your life . Only Sadhguru is capable to cleanse this.

Nagashapa - is again related with massive karma doshas since ages which are more harmful to nature and yourself which will be passed on to generation after
generation on this planet even after life. It will also affect your spiritual growth .