His Holiness Rishidev Sri Narendran ji’s scientific temperament, logical mind and his vast experience in energy healing and meditation, always wanted to help suffering people. His power of intention is very strong. He has mystic powers in him. His simplicity, humble nature attracted godly energies to him.

Why Spirituality Is Redefined?

The universe is ever expanding. The nature is constantly changing. Even the world now is not as it was hundred years ago. Lot of new discoveries, innovation, knowledge is developing continuously in the world

Then Why Not In Spirituality?

The wise Rishidev ji wanted to explore new possibilities in the path of spirituality. His power of intention and my ability in connecting to the energy dimension opened up the new cosmic channel from the Supreme Creator to receive the cosmic knowledge.

My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe. There is a core from which we obtain knowledge

– Nikola Tesla

Birth Of Pragmatic Knowledge Shaktiveda

Firstly, Sage Agastya Maharshi embodied Rishidev ji almost for a year. Then followed by Lord Shiva. He gave discipleship to Rishidev ji and Devi Parvati initiated me for discipleship. Day by day, all the godly energies manifested in their energy form. They introduced themselves. We were checking their vibrations through various energy detecting instruments, such as pendulum, Universal Scanner, PEP, Video Aura Station, Kirlian Photography and the latest bio-well.

I was trained by Rishidev ji to check the vibrations through these devices. Rishidev ji used to invoke, I used to measure the energy field, note down their frequency and the other information they gave to us.

Necessity Of Upgrading The Received Knowledge

Rishidev ji had navigated to the other dimension through his power of intention. He understood that there is definite order in the subtle world too. Since he believes in the strong roots of our Sanatana Dharma, he wanted to reach this knowledge to common people, to the suffering humanity. So his scientific temperament and logical mind started to put logical questions to the deities and got appropriate answers. Among the godly energies who manifested, Amma Adiparashakti Shakuntala became very close to our heart and she is the spokesperson on behalf of the cosmic world till today. She gave us all the knowledge about the energy world.

This revelation of Rishidev is called Shaktiveda. Shaktiveda – Shakti is energy and veda is knowledge. It is the knowledge about energy. His intention and incessant search for the sufferings of people was atlast found in Shaktiveda.

Based on the chanting of Mantras, meditation and the fire- rituals with the help of Amma Adiparashakti and Maharudra, Rishidev ji formulated Shakthiveda Spiritual Wellness Programmes. Therefore to propagate this knowledge, he founded Shakthiveda Wellness Mission along with Mataji Dr.Sripriya in the year 2006

Rishidev ji redefined spirituality by answering the unanswered questions in spirituality. Upon interaction with Amma Adiparashakti and the other divine energies, he found out the purpose of the rituals in our Sanatana Dharma such as chanting of mantras, meditation and the fire-rituals.

The Mantras

  • It was found that each individual has specific beeja mantra

  • The action mechanism of the mantras

  • The effect of mantras on the environment

  • The effect of beeja mantras in humans

  • The role of the mantras in relation to the chakras

  • Hazards of improper chanting


  • Formulated many types of meditation to address the challenges of life

  • Action mechanism of meditation

  • Hazards of wrong practice of meditation

The Fire-Rituals

  • Redesigned the procedures of homa and yagnas suitable to the present generation and situation

  • Formulated the fire-rituals according to the protocol and the purpose of deities

  • Action mechanism of shakthiveda rituals

  • Conducted study on the Shakthiveda Bhaishajya Mahayaaga with SVYASA university of yogic sciences and the paper was published in the scientific journal by Dr.Sushruta, PhD

  • Hazards of wrong practices of the fire-ritual

Like this very systematically Rishidev ji redefined and restructured Shaktiveda Spiritual findings according to the need of the present generation of the modern world. Thus, pragmatic spirituality evolved to help mankind and the nature. It is the revelation of a great visionary, the spiritual scientist of the millennium. Shaktiveda is a revolutionary approach in spirituality aiming to solve the sufferings of the people, to empower them to improve in health, wealth, family harmony, interpersonal relationship and spiritual life.