Sri Narendran, respectfully referred to as Rishidev, lovingly called as Guruji was born in Kerala on 16th January 1950. Being a mechanical engineer, His scientific streak and insatiable intellectual curiosity led him through a path of finding answers to human suffering, as well as ways to
overcome them. He discovered Clinical Magnetology and invented digital electromagnetic
instruments to treat the chronic patients. To propagate this, he innovated ‘CLINICAL MAGNETOLOGY’ a non-invasive therapeutic system.

He worked in the medical field treating many chronic ailments through clinical magnetology, meditation, exercises and dietary changes. During the course of his work, he traversed the length and breadth of India, during which time he came across people suffering from various
illnesses - physical, mental, emotional, and metaphysical, or as he would later realize, spiritual.

Rishidev Ji




Gone are those days , when you smile with all your heart when you see a friend with whom you are waiting to play with, gone are those days when we would roam the streets with our friends for hours together having no other purpose but to be happy, blissful are those days when we would dance in the rain wishing it would never end, blissful are those days when you wake up on a sunday morning, feeling there is no school to attend, blissful are those days when you go see your grand parents and eat the special snacks they make for you, meeting amma will be like that, blissful and memorable. She has one of those simple smiles, that one will remember forever, a smile that will be the single most notable memory of your meeting with her. Because she has not other ulterior motives, she doesn’t care about being judged ,she doesnt care about anything, that beautiful cherubic smile is a result of inner peace and happiness. That smile will be etched on the minds of the people, a smile with so much innocence that only a mother can emote when they see their child. That smile can never be faked. That is why every one calls her amma, since she genuinely wants to help you and make you happy. Very few people are worthy of being called as amma, she is definitely one among them. Amma is a gentle soul who loves simple things and wants to make everyone around her happy and blessed. She has the innocence of a child, the affection and warmth of a mother and the smile of a peaceful divine person. In explaining
certain things, no amount of words do justice.

Saraveshwara Dhama

  • Rishidev Narendranji felt it is better if people had a proper place to pray, proper guidance to perform rituals and to undergo training, so as per the direct instructions from Sarveswara, a temple of project was conceived and the temple complex, the cosmic power house- ‘The first Sarveswara Dhama’ came into existence at Bommandahalli, (near Jigani), Banglore, Karnataka, India. This temple complex set in a wellness village is a unique project in the entire world, first of its kind, contemplated as the main centre among 81 power houses (Sarveswara Dhamas). Eventually 80 more similar power houses will be built across the globe to empower the people spiritually as per the desire of Sarveswara.

  • At the center of the wellness village is the Sarveswara Dhama- the Spiritual Power House, a tem[le Complex consisting of Nine Temples It is the Universal Temple of Healing supercharged with Supra Cosmic radiance. A refuge from the world for all seekers, regardless of religious belief or affiliation.


Shakthiveda Wellness Mission


Shakthiveda In A Nutshell

  • Everyday millions of people are born globally, they all have different life. Some are happy, some are
    sorrow, some are successful, some are not, some have diseases, some are healthy, some are having
    loving relationships, some are having poor interpersonal relationships and finally one day leave the world.

  • Over 35 years of incessant research to alleviate the sufferings of people , resulted in the birth of Shakthiveda. In this deep search, an atheist was transformed into an Ascended Master. H.H.Rishidev Sri Narendran ji’s scientific temperament, logical mind gave a new meaning to the spiritual knowledge which was revealed to him. He realized that the root causes of the sufferings of the people is at subtle level not at the physical level. He understood that spirituality is the only hope for the present world.

  • In the year 2001, Dr.Sripriya’s divine encounter with the mystic Ascended Master, brought a new
    beginning in the world of spirituality. . Rishidev ji blessed and empowered her. Shakthiveda came into
    existence. Lot of knowledge was revealed through intuition, clairvoyance and clairoaudient capabilities of Dr.Sripriya. So in the year 2006, Rishidev ji founded Shakthiveda Wellness Mission to do research,
    propagate the divine knowledge.

Shakthiveda Remedial Measures


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Once you step into the Rishidevian family, you are protected for life – mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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