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About Amma

Her name is Sripriya

Very few people are worthy of being called as amma, she is definitely one among them. Amma is a gentle soul who loves simple things and wants to make everyone around her happy and blessed. She has the innocence of a child, the affection and warmth of a mother and the smile of a peaceful divine person. In explaining certain things, no amount of words do justice.

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Shakthiveda mahabhairavi Yaagam

October 19 - 22 , 81 hours non stop yaaga, with the blessings of Poojaneya Rishidev Sri Narendran Ji . Participate in the Yaaga for better health, wealth, spirituality, family connections. We humbly request you donate whichever amount you can - special pooja will be done for all donors.

Venue - Sarveshwaradhama , Jigani , Karnataka


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Visit SarveshwaraDhama, Jigani, Karnataka and take blessings from Amma. Call the number in the footer to take appointments. Amma takes care of her devotees. Rest assured.

Our Temple


Sarveswara Dhama is envisaged as the unique divine centre enabling to undergo six stage transformation process by every seeker from outer worship (sagunopasana) to the ultimate state of Godliness ( Easwareeyata) through other midways viz.nirgunopasana, nirgunatheethopasana, jivalayanopasana and Shakthi layanopasana. Satguru Dhama where the cosmic principle is established in concretion carries forth the truth- seekers through all these stages in a time frame depending on love, dedication, devotion, truthfulness, righteousness, Surrenderness and other virtues.

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